OM, is all. The past, the present, the future, you, me, us, living things, nature, the wind, planet earth, the universe. We are born, we live and we vibrate to the sound OM by connecting to what surrounds us.

Today is Earth Day, in the midst of a pandemic, I feel like hugging the planet very tightly. Honor everything that is beautiful and ugly about it and vibrate with to OM mantra.

In this anxiety ridden, stress based, fast paced world that places so many demands on almost every second of our precious days, upcycling punctuates the perennial importance of slowing down time… to just reconnect with ourselves.

Throughout my career as a fashion designer, my drive and productivity were concrete proof of my initial goal-oriented approach to fashion. In those early years, however, my satisfaction from sewing became tied to the vision of the final product. And most of the time, I felt impatient about getting there, somehow unable to fully appreciate the process.

But with upcycling, came a fundamental change in my design process. The very nature of upcycling implies a slow, laborious dedication. So, why rush? By allowing myself to simply slow down and take the time to remove each stitch and seam, one by one, to prepare a set of preloved jeans for their next chapter, I came to realize that the real joy in creating came from the process itself. In this sense, the final result is simply just a bonus at the end of the journey.

Focus your attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear, calm and stable state by using upcycling as a form of meditation.


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