Kinsu double waistband 7


So here’s the thing: why only one waistband, when you can have two;) Some of you might ask, why? I’ll just go for, why not! I have always been a fan of high waist jeans. So when the occasion came to take a high waist jeans and make it even higher…. I simply had a blast!

So I had those short that were suffering some fit issues and the waistband needed to be removed in order to improve the fit. Once the waistband removed, I somehow started to be excited about it and like a piece of puzzle tried to find the perfect jeans to sew it on. No need to say: the waistband never made it’s way back to the short!This DIY is quite easy and the hardest part really is removing the waist band…just breath in, breath out and focus on the result:)


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