So I had that episode of wanting to crop every garments of my wardrobe I was bored of. (FIY that ensemble was not part of my wardrobe…just some thrifted outfit that shown some potential for a refashioning project:) To crop the length of a garment is a very easy fix and quick update to fresh-in up the look of something you left a side since a while.

So that 2 pieces rather auntie looking ensemble…

Although some of you might like the embroideries, I thought that it was the main detail that make it look outdated so I decided to remove them all at once and quite frankly felt much better afterwards:) If you are curious to see how the dress turned out click here.

In regard to the shirt, I first tried it on and decided which length I was comfortable with. A crop top length start anywhere from slightly under belly button up to under the breast, so it just depend which kind of look you are aiming for.

Once the bottom part is removed, you can either clean finish the hem or leave it rawdege. In this case, I left it rawedge and fringed the hem with paper sand and much love:) I have also distress the collar a bit to balance the details.

I think the result is pretty awesome. Try it out and keep me in the loop #denimupcycler so I can see your take on the crop denim shirt:)

Ariane xox

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