I really have this thing for oversized men’s shirts right now. That DIY is just the first of a series….I have too much ideas!!!! When you wear a men shirt as a women what is often annoying is the stand collar and the sleeves that are too long. So my starting point was to remove the collar and make short sleeves. I, then applied upcycled denim around the neck and hop a new blouse! I love wearing it as an overlay or even as a dress with heels:)


  • Half a pair of jean, better if you use some scraps from another project if you want to have different tone.
  • A man’s shirt that show some potential but need a bit of magic


STEP 1 –  Go to our website and download our pattern. Our Pattern is made for shirt size 16 1/2. Depending on the size of your shirt, you may have to alter the pattern a little bit at shoulder seam.

STEP 2 – Remove collar from shirt and first button if needed

STEP 3 – Check if pattern fit the neckline of the shirt and adjust it if needed

STEP 4 – Trace the pattern on the denim scraps and cut

STEP 5 – Overlay one of A pieces at 1cm from B edges and sew a 1 needles stitch at 5mm from the edges. Repeat same operation on each side.

STEP 6 – Overlay one of C pieces at 1cm from D edges and sew a 1 needles stitch at 5mm from the edges.

STEP 7 – Sew both shoulder seam front and back together at 1cm seam allowance.

STEP 8 – Pin the full applique on the shirt

STEP 9 – Sew the applique all around starting at neckline at 3mm from edge

STEP 10 – To have a nice fray effect use sand paper to fray the edges

STEP 11 – Fix back the first button if needed

STEP 12 – Wear it



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